Austin,Texas Americana Indie Rock duo Venus Loves Mars are set to release their debut album ‘VLM4EVER’ Friday July 28, 2023. 

(AUSTIN, TEXAS -July 7, 2023; source: YKYWM Publishing) Venus Loves Mars members Mac and B McAnally are riding high since recording their debut EP at Leche House in Buda, TX with Grammy award winner Beto Martinez (Grupo Fantasma, Caramelo Haze, Money Chicha).  As the Summer heats up and the planets align, this duo’s anticipation for the Friday July 28 release of ‘VLM4EVER’ is “ready to go supernova!”  

VLM4EVER’ is an homage to this Austin native couples’ relationship spanning three decades of being best friends, bandmates and married. This not-so-secret love affair between vintage soul records, retro beats, and raw garage fuzz rock is the source of the band's themes on duality, conflict and contrast unifying to emerge as a singular vision.  The musical scenes vary, among road trip romances, flashback grade school nostalgia, insights on west Texas psychedelics, and old fashion southern blues howl.  Overall, the duo strikes a balance between a vibe, songcraft and stories - inviting listeners to appreciate the journey rather than focus on a destination.   

Beto Martinez captured the contrast between the couples’ raw, stripped down - ‘less is more’ DIY aesthetic, and their instinct to explore cinematic settings that inspire narratives in each track. The experience of recording this album shifted the direction of the duo’s musical journey. Courtesy of himself, Martínez goes so far as to playing baritone guitar on: ‘Palace at 4AM’.  

“Martinez’ idiosyncratic contributions lends a subtly cinematic Latin-psych flair to the power couple’s still-evolving classic-soul- meets garage rock style.”- Jack Anderson, host of KUTX 98.9 FM.   

The couple merge it all seamlessly into a compelling narrative. The result stays true to their shared love of true romance, primitive beats and dirty riffs while keeping the lyrical hooks and contrast between female & male voice - in the spotlight.  

The album drops Friday July 28, 2023 for sale on, along with pre orders of 12” dark purple vinyl. It will be available on all streaming platforms in August.  

VLM4EVER Album front and back cover 


Prelisten to VLM4EVER  






VLM4EVER is “a truly literal epic road trip and love story.” 

The Tracks:  

Any Fool can be Happy’ opens the album strutting onto the stage blissfully unaware of the lucky groove and magical melody they found together.  The tune seems equally oblivious to the pressures of current musical trends towards synthetic, pitch corrected, ultra cool pop. 

Is it Time?’ asks and answers the big questions with a resounding, “Yes”- while the track shifts seamlessly between dreamy,  pop vocal harmonies, break-beat chants, a gritty blues bridge and psychedelic “shoo dee wop” swagger. ‘Is it Time?’ was released on all streaming platforms in April and was immediately named the KUTX 98.9 FM ‘Song of the Day‘.   

The pair recount the band's origin story in an insistent and bouncing rocker. ‘The Score’ - gallops and kicks under the reins of twin lead singers. ‘The Score’ is the one song on the album recorded and mixed at The Bubble by long time friend and veteran engineer and producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith.  

Beto Martinez baritone guitar riffs on ‘Palace at 4AM’ pairs Latin psychedelic 007 vibes with an exotic cabaret floor show inspired by a Polynesian dive bar in the Badlands, culminating with a final chase scene and surprise attack set in the dark deserts of Marfa, Texas. 

Inspired by Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez films, “Bésame el Culo”, continues the pair's cinematic road trip “halfway to Mexico” - telling tall tales of tour stops inhabited by hipster wannabes and one eyed doormen. Between the drama of the hot desert air and the irony of their dark sense of humor, a latin surf rock romance emerges. 

The first time you got the blues, it felt ‘Nine Miles Wide’, and now hits with heavy grade school nostalgia. This track ranges from a soul stirring duet to fuzz drenched psych rock while revisiting the childhood loss when a best friend's family moves out of town.   

The album's closing track ‘Hey Alabama’ puts the full duality of Venus Loves Mars on display. In part one, an old vinyl record crackles under a slinky blues lick and relentless kick drum pulse. B’s taunting chant and barking vocals set the tone for the blown out chunky riffs and bombastic drum fills, which eventually drop like a ton of bricks. In part two, Mac takes over the lead vocals and the song shifts tempo into high gear, taking the fight into the street for a dirty gut bucket brawl to the end. 

About Venus Loves Mars: 

The duo met on a failed blind date. They became the founding members of seminal alt country act “The Landlords” in the late 90’s. When the band broke up, Mac and B stayed together and eventually got married, had a couple of kids - but always kept writing and playing music. Now empty nesters, this GenX duo has embarked on a whole new chapter, fulfilling their childhood dreams of writing and producing their music together in their home studio “The Chapel” and playing shows to growing audiences around Texas.   

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