Is it Time?

       Texas Indie garage rock duo Venus Loves Mars  are set to unleash their new single ‘Is It Time?’ on all streaming platforms Friday April 28th.

Venus Loves Mars is an Indie rock duo from Austin, TX, composed of Mac McAnally (guitar and vocals) and  B McAnally (drums and vocals).  This husband and wife duo share their not-so-secret love affair between the raw urgency of garage rock roots and vintage soul influences.  ‘Is it Time?’ is a revival of stripped down guitar fuzz, mixed with hook tinged dream pop vibes, based on retro soul grooves.  

Venus Loves Mars kicked off 2023 by recording and mixing their upcoming EP: #VLM4EVER at Leche House recording studio in Austin,TX with Grammy award winner Beto Martinez (Grupo Fantasma, Caramelo Haze) and playing a live show at Far Out Lounge 1/23. 


B and Mac= #VLM4EVER

Venus Loves Mars Is a love story between Mac and B McAnally from Austin, Texas created over the course their 29 year relationship as besties, band mates and spouses. Their music takes you on a trip through time of talking on landlines, holding hands, and dancing in the mirror. Road trip adventures, high speed car chases, wrestling with bears, and getting nabbed by half baked hipster wannabes left with  only $12 bucks in cash.  “These are  stories of our youth and current day exploration.” #VLM4EVER.

The band’s name Venus Loves Mars, suggests themes of duality and contradiction appearing in every aspect of their lives and musical ethos.  Both members are married…to each other.  These rare “Austin Texas Natives” found each other at the Backroom in ATX. Circa 1994 (currently EMOS). Mac was singing in a rock and roll band and B was on a blíndate. They quickly fell in love under the bar-lights and started playing in different bands together. Soul mates? they freely admit “the music we write and sing is a literal soundtrack for our lives together”. 

The couples’ first single  “The Score” is an origin of how the band formed and played their first string of shows at SXSW. “Honey we all know, what the score won’t show.” The Score was recorded and mixed at The Bubble with veteran Producer and long time friend Chris “Frenchie” Smith at the mixing board. They recently released their new single Is it Time? A slice of dream pop vibes, topped with stripped down guitar fuzz on a foundation of retro soul grooves. The day it was released it was named the Song of the Day on KUTX 98.9 FM.


Is it Time? Click to download - Is it Time.wav file by Venus Loves Mars 35.9 MB
The Score Click to download - The Score.wav file by Venus Loves Mars 44.1 MB

Press photos

Venus Loves Mars photo credit #VLM4EVER selfie

Venus Loves Mars photo credit B McAnally

Photo credit: Thomas Egan Photography. Venus Loves Mars love at Far Out Lounge 1/23

Photo credit: Thomas Egan Photography. Venus Loves Mars love at Far Out Lounge 1/23

Photo credit: #VLM4EVER selfie

Summer EP release


Venus Loves Mars Due for release in July 2023

The Score

Nine Miles Wide

Is it Time?

Bésame el Culo

Any Fool can be Happy

Hey Alabama!

The Palace at 4am

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